Benefits Of Lab Grown Diamonds


Lab Grown diamonds shine and sparkle just like natural diamonds.


Lab Grown diamonds are considerably less expensive than natural diamonds of comparable size and quality.


For those looking to purchase diamonds that have not been mined, lab made diamonds are a popular choice.ย ย 

Natural Diamonds Vs Lab Grown Diamonds Vs Moissanites

How Are Lab Grown Diamonds Certified And Graded ?

As with natural diamonds, diamonds made in a lab have the option to receive grading. After being sent to a gem institute that specializes in grading diamonds, lab grown diamonds are graded independently by several of the lab's gemologists. Afterward, the individual grades are compiled and compared to give the lab grown diamond its final grade.ย Not all lab grown diamonds are graded. Typically, smaller gems do not get grading, and not all jewelers choose to grade their lab grown diamonds.
At Jenifer Maison, we offer grading for many of our lab created diamonds to bring transparency to the lab grown purchasing process.ย 


How to buy lab-grown diamonds?

Jenifer Maison-created diamonds are available for purchase online or by appointment.

For personalized guidance and expert advice, we encourage you to book an appointment with our diamond experts, in-store or virtually. Youโ€™ll receive in-depth diamond education as well as help in selecting the Jenifer Maison-created diamond meant for you.
You may also complete your entire purchase online. Browse ourย engagement ring, wedding band, fine jewelry, and diamond inventory, then add to your bag with the click of a button.